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August 11, 2008



Wait---is that me in the hobo pic??? LOL

Awww...the pics look so CUTE! Looks like you guys had a really good time :)

Lisa D.

Hot damn...looks like luv to me :-) u 2 look great together! and you are working it!


This is my first time leaving a comment...and all I can say is awww that's so cute. Love is just a wonderful thing. I'm going to have to tell my friend about your wonderful photo shoot. Maybe she and her husband can do something like that for their 9th anniversary.
Well congrats...and many more.


you two look so happy and in love! Congratulations!!!


happy anniversary! wishing you the best. the camera loves yall!

Simone P.

Congratulations! The pictures are hot! What a wonderful way to celebrate!


Okay, those photos are awesome! Love his line of vision in the hula hoop shot! You guys are really adorable together, and these photos captured a lot of heat. BTW, he is so much cuter than Jay-Z! (I think I remember you comparing the two at some point).


Happy Late 1 year anniversary to you both. i LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pics, WOW, NICE! he's a hottie Nas, you go girl! you two are a GOOD LOOKIN couple!!! keep on smilin :-)


Nasile, I am so so so happy for you! These photos are so beautiful and so BROOKLYN!!!!! Love it, LOVE IT! Best of luck and love to you and enjoy the end of your summer.


Absolutely beautiful! You two are so cute together. I can't wait to meet him and I can't wait to see you. And girl, you are working those gold pumps!!


Wonderful pictures! Congrats on your anniversary!

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